Pencil, pen and digital drawing.

The bunnies have been with me for decades. So I wasn’t surprised when they emerged this year. In the winter days of February 2022, the first one hopped onto my journal page. It was a small thought at first. Just find something to jumpstart your creative self, Michelle. Go back to the basics. That was how Home Dreams took root in 2001. The basics. A house next to a tree. As a kid I drew a few images over and over. A man in a hat, smoking a cigarette. Princesses holding babies. Stars. A house next to a tree. The bunnies. Someone might be able to identify the collective unconscious somewhere in that mix. In December 2021, after twenty years working for a museum, in the middle of a pandemic, I got a pink slip. Our whole department. Cut. A seventy-five year program supporting hundreds of local artists.  At first I retreated into myself, and a silent meditation week in the redwoods. Then I pulled out a blank journal and started organizing things. And opened up to the creative. The bunnies came, shaky at first, one here or there. Then they poured out. A world. A summary of where I was. Where I wanted to be. The basics.